Ready for WAR.  Another savage from the LOST BOY world I am building. 


nightcall | a cyberpunk / 80’s winter soldier fanmix | listen | download

Q: Did you have any rituals while putting on the costume, that helped you get into character? Sebastian Stan: “I played a lot of sound tracks from different movies. Also Daft Punk was huge for me and David Bowie and The Terminator soundtrack, believe it or not. I love music. You know, I’ve always wanted to do an ’80’s movie! I love that music!” (x)


DAKEN & LOGAN : forced to work together, father and son will have to finally face each other and work out their differences… or die trying.

Joe Odagiri as Daken Akihiro
Hugh Jackman as Logan Howlett


Pulp Fiction (1994)

Anonymous: how often do you use references? and nice use of color btw

Thank you! Ah I use references from time to time, at this point usually only for faces. I also use them if I become absolutely stumped on a certain part of the pose (mostly arms/shoulders at this point.) Feet/shoes also give me a lot of trouble. 



Making of my fem!Winter Soldier Cosplay

A story of fails, wins and a lot of coffee…

Holy fucking shit I can’t tell if I want to be you or be with you

Brad Pitt by Mark Seliger for Details, November 2014


C2E2 charity auction piece.

by Lee Weeks




  • if you are a vegan
  • great!
  • tell me and i will never serve you meat and/or try to question you about it
  • but if you ever
  • ever
  • tell me that im a killer
  • or try to make me feel bad
  • for eating meat
  • i
  • will
  • eat
  • you

ok but consider this: you should feel bad.

ok but consider this: i WILL eat you